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LABYRINTH OF CRETE (1984) Text Adventure by Cliff Johnson and Allen Pinero.

From the instruction manual:

In ancient times, the hero Jason and his crew of Argonauts sought the Golden Fleece from Aeetes, the King of Colchis. A cherished possession, the magical fleece would have been a coveted prize for its ability to heal the sick alone. However, it was its miraculous power to restore the dead to life that made men willing to risk their own to obtain it. After many long and arduous battles, Jason succeeded in his quest and sailed back to Thessaly with the Golden Fleece.

It is a little known fact that Jason then lost this valued treasure to the fierce armies of Crete under the leadership of King Minos. The Golden Fleece was placed in the dreaded maze, the Labyrinth of Crete, built for the King by the renowned inventor, Daedalus. Determined to regain the Fleece, Jason recruited the aid of Hercules, the son of Zeus, and together they entered the dark corridors of the Labyrinth.

Prepare to journey back through time to an epic adventure where you will accompany Jason and Hercules on their quest to regain the Golden Fleece.

Please take the time to read this manual thoroughly, for although this game is written in the Classic Adventure format, there are new concepts utilized with which you may not be familiar.

It is important to note that The Labyrinth of Crete allows you to control BOTH Jason and Hercules. With this feature your characters are able to work as a team or independently, as the situation demands.

Included with this manual are three detailed maps of the Labyrinth which will enable you to easily locate your characters throughout the adventure. Knowing where your characters have been, what was there, and where they have yet to go should save you some time for solving the more important matters at hand, like, 'How do I get past the Hydra?' Be sure to take detailed notes on all that you encounter.

The Labyrinth of Crete is a 'true adventure' in that it is a carefully constructed plot and NOT an entanglement of random, unrelated puzzles. All of its solutions can be obtained through observation and logic rather than tedious trial and error. You will experience a sense of discovery and involvement such as if you were on the actual quest. All situations have been meticulously themed to characters and incidents in Greek Mythology. A multitude of characters and a myriad of strange objects await you in the rooms of the twisting Labyrinth.

Be sure to look at everything and speak to everyone, overlooking no detail, for it may be the solution you are seeking.

May Athena, the goddess of wisdom, guide you as you descend into the dark corridors of the Labyrinth to begin your Odyssean journey.


In 2005, this text adventure was adapted by Cliff Johnson and Philips *FunHouse* with super-charged art, animation, and puzzles.