The Fool, having searched the Land and discovered its secrets, bravely defeats each of the High Priestess’s enchantments and gains the Gift of Wisdom.

The High Priestess banishes the Fool into a netherworld, where there is neither land nor sky nor water. There he will remain for eternity.

Yet the Fool demands that the High Priestess give him one last challenge. If he solves it, he goes free. If not, his life is forfeit.

She agrees to his wager, and the Fool has scant moments to study her challenge.

The correct answer, he realizes, is DEATH TO THE FOOL. She has no intention of freeing him.

“The answer is THE BOOK OF THOTH,” he speaks aloud, an answer he knows to be incorrect.

Wielding the power of The Book of Thoth, an ancient Egyptian tome of occult knowledge, the High Priestess commands the Fool’s demise.

However, according to the Magician, the Book of Thoth cannot be coerced to do anything inherently evil.

The magic ricochets off the Fool and strikes the High Priestess, the result being that she is imprisoned inside her own Tarot Card.

The Fool’s Errand ends.

The Fool and his Money begins.