Countless thanks and eternal gratitude to David Pfaltzgraff-Carlson
who brought my classic games back from the grave and home where they belong.

The Fool’s Errand now creates the Show Finale file properly.

3 in Three and At the Carnival are in color and have adjustable sound.

This emulation works on System 10.4.11 to present.


(1) Right-click the link and select Save Target As...

(2) After the download is complete, double-click

(3) Then double-click the and wait 10 seconds.

(4) Play the games.


Use the Apple key to invoke the  menu commands.

Press Ctrl-F to enlarge the window to twice its size.

Under the Apple Menu, select Control Panels and then Sound. 3 in Three is best at Level 4.

To quit Mini vMac, select Shut Down under the Specials menu.

To download the Instruction Manuals, right-click the link and select Save Link As...

Once downloaded, then unzip

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