A grand hurrah and a “words escape me” thank you to Jonathan Lison
who “tinkered with the source code of Mini vMac” and brought my classic games into 2017 with style.

The Fool’s Errand now creates the Show Finale file properly.

3 in Three and At the Carnival are in color and have adjustable sound.

This emulation works on Windows XP to present.



(1) Right-click the link MVM-Color-WIN-games.zip and select Save Link As...

(2) After the download is complete, unzip MVM-Color-WIN-games.zip.

(3) Double-click cj.bat. Within 10 seconds, the Mac desktop will appear.

(4) Play the games.


Use the ALT key to invoke the  menu commands.

Press Ctrl-F to enlarge the window to twice its size.

Under the Apple Menu, select Control Panels and then Sound. 3 in Three is best at Level 4.

To quit Mini vMac, select Shut Down under the Specials menu.

To download the Instruction Manuals, right-click the link All-Manuals.zip and select Save Link As...

Once downloaded, then unzip All-Manuals.zip.

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